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Injuries in Gymnastics

April 4, 2013



Gymnastics is really a entire body and intense sport created for all genders. Due to the stressful and challenging nature, likelihood of injuries are incredibly high. Although most injuries are minor ones, some may be serious and life-threatening! This risk is amplified when risky stunts are attempted. I’ll talk about some common Gymnastics injuries in this post.

Wrist sprains

The wrist is the most heavily used portion of the body in Gymnastics. With the extreme twisting speed and jumps, the force working on the wrist might be double of these individuals body’s weight. Thus, the wrist is the most susceptible to injuries. Wrist sprains are routine and the immediate response should be to terminate all activities and obtain a lot of rest. The power of lessons in future will need to be objective as the wrist are often more liable to future sprains. To guard and gives better support, a wrist brace must be worn before any strenuous activities.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear

ACL injuries are normal and will happen if the gymnast lands in the awkward position. The ACL supports the knee and stability. However, it may rupture whether it’s twisted suddenly under high forces understanding that exact force is supplied by an improper landing position after a stunt. A “pop” sound will probably be heard which is accompanied by knee swelling. To counteract ACL injuries, a supportive knee brace really should be worn. Additionally, gymnasts should strengthen their calves to higher hold and support the ligaments together.

Foot injuries

Foot injuries are yet another kind of common gymnastics injury. The with greater regularity occurring the first is ankle sprain. Minor foot injuries only have problems with slight swelling while much more serious cases will produce severe swelling along with a limit in mobility. Wearing a protective brace can often be required after foot injuries however can hinder the flexibility of the gymnast.

Back injuries

Injuries to the back could be whether strain, ligament sprain or maybe spinal disc disorder muscle. Back pain will intensify determined by the activity engaged and extension motions can cause the pain to enhance. Back injuries are sometimes described physiotherapists nonetheless they is usually rather more serious underlying. Serious back injuries that are not an easy task to detect is the spinal disc disorder. The spinal discs will cushion our spine from shocks if it can be injured, the protective capabilities will probably be compromised.

Gymnastics can be a challenging and challenging sport activity which is loaded with a lot of injury risks. You’ll find strict requirements for the gymnast and training often starts young. Unlike most sports, injuries in gymnastics are difficult to avoid on account of the insufficient protective gear which are flexible and concealable.




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