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Managing Pain and Injuries in Non Surgical Way

April 4, 2013


Managing and alleviating pain brought on by herniated discs or disc injuries is usually a two-prong approach. First, is the actual treatment and secondly, is adjunctive therapy to ameliorate daily pain over the span of treatment.

Because treatment for herniated discs (and plenty of back injuries for instance) typically requires a couple of treatment session before substantial pain relief is achieved, adding pain management to the treatment regimen can greatly increase patient comfort over the duration of treatment which enable it to help accelerate the come back to way of life.

Besides acupuncture, other successful pain management methods for herniated discs include therapy and the Flexion-Distraction Technique with a chiropractor.

Just what Herniated Disc?

A herniated or bulging disc can be a displaced section of the center part or nucleus of the disc that may be pushed by having a tear in the surface layers. Pain results when irritating substances are let go with this tear and as well if the jelly portion touches or compresses an area nerve. Disc herniation has some similarities to degenerative disc disease and discs that herniated will often be inside an early on of degeneration, this is why immediate treatment is important to the long-term health of any patient.

Acupuncture Therapy for Disc Related Back Pain

Acupuncture therapy cannot cure a herniated disc, but studies show any time acupuncture remedies are performed at the oncoming of symptoms, time to recover has enhanced and pain is decreased. Just as one adjunctive therapy to non-surgical back pain treatment, acupuncture therapy can assist stimulate blood circulation to the injured disc, which enable it to help produce valuable endorphins which might be employed by the body in the recovery process. These endorphins lower swelling which could reduce pain.

An acupuncture treatment involves inserting needles into the skin, along the pathway of the pain. Since acupuncture needles are 25-50 times thinner over a hypodermic needle, most of the people feel no pain by any means when the needle is inserted and quite often describe the experience as ‘relaxing’.

Many chiropractors now include additional pain management treatments like acupuncture to coincide with non surgical herniated or bulging disc treatments including spinal decompression therapy or the Flexion-Distraction Technique (chiropractic).

More Non Surgical Treatment Selections for Disc Injuries

Today patients have lots of more options in relation to treating a disc injury without the using surgery. Other choices include physical rehabilitation, shock wave therapy, trigger point therapy, and spinal decompression therapy. The ultimate lifetime of treatment will be as individual as the patient. There isn’t any one-size-fits-all solution for disc injuries. Lifestyle and diet changes will also be incorporated for long-term success.



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