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Non-Surgical Treatment for Your Back Pain

April 4, 2013


If you are managing pain at a herniated or degenerative disc, there exists good news-there a wide range of highly successful non-surgical treatment choices for you.

Disc herniation has some similarities to degenerative disc disease and discs that herniated tend to be within an initial phase of degeneration. Are painful and both allow it to be hard to perform everyday living like walking, sitting, bending or becoming active normally.

Managing the pain deprives you of the the matters in life you want to to do. Surgery can require extensive recovery periods plus some patients should not undergo such invasive treatment.

Advanced protocols for treating herniated and degenerative discs without the usage of surgery can be obtained.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Among the best, non surgical treatment methods of disc injuries is spinal decompression therapy. The procedure has demonstrated to get a more than 90% success in patients with disc injuries and additional research has shown that patients can significantly reduce their back pain after 20 treatments. The treatment isn’t only safe and painless, but in addition comfortable and relaxing. The span of therapy included is fully gone inside of 35 days.

Maple grove chiropractic – Flexion-Distraction Technique

Maple grove chiropractic is really a adjunct of non-surgical disc care. Flexion-distraction method is a typical chiropractic technique familiar with address the signs of herniated and degenerative discs. Flexion-distraction involves the using a specialized table that gently “distracts” or stretches the spine. This enables the chiropractor to isolate the area affected while slightly “flexing” the spine having a pumping rhythm.


Acupuncture has been proven as a good therapy for acute and chronic back pain connected with disc injuries. Several published numerous studies have shown discovered that acupuncture will help reduce chronic back pain and greatly improve daily function. Research also implies that acupuncture increases body’s defense mechanisms functioning, improves the circulatory system, decreases muscle tightness, and increases joint flexibility.


Applied Functional Science is often a specialized sort of physiotherapy that treats the body’s integrated systems to further improve performance, prevent injuries, plus rehabilitate and restore. Applied Functional Science corrects faulty movements that will cause or aggravate and worsen pain linked to disc injuries. Such type of physical rehabilitation is good to teach, condition, rehabilitate which will help prevent injury.

Additional Pain Management Techniques

Advanced chiropractic health centers provide trigger point therapy, shock wave therapy and plenty of other types of pain management. Before you go under the knife, patients should investigate the various non-surgical treatment options which might be proven, effective and at hand.



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